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One Shot: Wedding Dress



Inspired by this song :)

(Calum’s POV)

Calum and Stephanie


We were inseparable, we were best friends, we were lovers and we were happy together, but it seemed to have gone lost.

And as we deal with our own heart breaks, we had grown to be friends again. And I wanted to go back to before, to just holding her hand, hugging her and showering her with kisses. But it wasn’t what she wanted anymore.

Luke and Stephanie


Now, it was that, and I couldn’t bear to see them together. Nothing had helped to take away the pain. The pain only increased when they were getting married. It killed me, I was definitely dying inside. I couldn’t stand her being with another man. I couldn’t stand her loving anyone else but me. I couldn’t stand seeing her in that wedding dress.

“I vow to love Stephanie Hope Evans no matter what challenge might come and till death do us part. I will love her through sickness and health and through thick and thin. I will always find a way back to the warmth of your heart and call it my home. I will be there for you and speak when words are needed and give comfort and share silence when they’re not. I vow to low you in all you are and whatever you may be and even when we part ways, I will always love you.”

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damon is such a romantic though oh my god


what i love about his romance - is that it just is…it’s not about buying flowers, candlelight dinners, a walk through the waterfalls…’s those small/big moments - those declarations, just being there when she needs him, listening to her dream even tho he was freaked out about it, them working and communicating together (most of the time)…that’s romance. That’s REAL.

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-in which elena is so done with phones ringing

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Damon Salvatore - 5x03 ‘Original Sin’

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Elena Gilbert is not here for your bullshit about her relationship.

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"I’m Qetsiyah. That sane, rational, well-adjusted woman you seem to know so much about. Clearly you’ve heard the man’s version of the story, the one where I’m a back stabbing lunatic who ruined everything for Silas. A raging bitch witch, whose obsession with vengeance created a whole new dimension of suffering in the afterlife."

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